Does this work as a decent build?

Would you guys recommend any changes? Or is it all goodish?

AMD FX-8350
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
Asus M5A97 R2.0
Corsair Vengeance 8GB
Asus Radeon R9 290 4GB DirectCU II
Fractal Design Define R4
Corsair Builder 750W
Samsung SH-224DB

Yeah, that'll work. I would do an SSD for boot and a 750 / 1 TB drive for /home / apps and shiz

12 gigs of ram and you're good to go

I would freakin' love to do that, but I'm afraid it was the r9 290 or an ssd boot drive; so I went for the extra £60 to put into a decent gpu. Just a heads up, but this build is like the highest I can really go, price wise.

Looks good, if you're mostly gaming an i5 may be a better option if you can fit it into the budget, the 8350 is going to end up better for video editing and the like.

Otherwise you can always throw in an SSD later.

The link specifies a 5,400 rpm HDD. That is gonna kill your enjoyment of using the system. 8GB of RAM is fine for gaming or general usage.

£60 SSD 256GB

Put a slow drive in in next month after pay day

There are a couple of models 390 for only 15£ extra. The 390 is quite a bit more powerful than 290... Also yes, why don't you look at 128 or even 64 gig ssd for the OS only, and have the 1TB HDD... It's quite enough for games and media and stuff... Atleast IMHO...

If you can't spend anymore money, I think you'd see a bigger performance by dropping down to a 6300 processor and compatible mobo and get an SSD with the savings vs staying with the 8350 and keeping the 5400RPM HDD.

Im perfectly happy with my 6300 as I can play star citizen at 1440p and still get decent FPS (Strix 970). If Im playing a source 2 engine game, Im at 60FPS 100%. Even a very heavily modded skyrim gets me ~40-45 FPS.

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Find a samsung 4 GB kit and a gskill value ram kit thats 8 gigs. Works in my box. I love it plus I run linux so I have swap.

What about something like a fx 8320? It seems to be the in the middle, and there's still a decent saving.

If the price difference still allows for the the ssd to be part of the build, then yeah, shoot for the higher powered cpu. I only have experience with the 6300 though.

FX-8320 at 1.3V and 18.0Multiplier works for gaming and video editing. The difference is not that big.

I was wondering, how big would it have to be? Can I get away with a 125GB? or would I have to go 250? Also, do you think that it would be better to invest in the better cpu ie the 8350 or 8320, and then wait till next payday and install the ssd later. Or will that be a major ball-ache (transferring the OS to the ssd in an established build)?

There are a few software solutions for easy data migration from one drive to another. My 64GB A-Data SSD came with instructions on how to transfer the OS from the mechanical HDD to it. Now, as for the size, my ssd boots Win7 Ultimate 64bit from dead cold to desktop for 11s, full restart from clicking Restart to desktop - 33sec. I have the OS, drivers, Skype, some software, some extra software and 20 gigs free space. So yeah. 256 gigs is the bare minimum if you don't have any other drive...
My personal opinion is, that if you don't really need the 8 cores, 6350 is the best option. It is 6 core, 3,9GHz... 8350 is 8 core 4GHz... It's essentially the same with 2 cores less and 45$ price difference. That can go into 390 and an SSD...

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I run an 8320 OC'd to 4.3Ghz and an Asus 290 and they work really well together.
I have an SSHD for the OS and I install games on 3 SSDs that are RAID 0. I pick up 120 gig SSDs when I see them on sale. I have 1 more SATA port to add another.

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And you are doing this, because...?

What do you mean, sorry?

What do I mean with what?
With the raid question? My main question was why is he waisting his money with putting ssds In raid when the only thing he do on them is gaming? I mean really, at the moment I don't really see a reason to put any game on an SSD, and he raids them for speed. I am trying to understand the reasoning behind this...

Load times. I hate load times.

Ah, my bad. I didn't see any reply in the corner, so I wasn't sure who you were talking to. :/

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