Does this PSU support this Gpu?

I have a Corsair CX 500m and i was wondering if it supports a gtx 760? I'm wondering if it has all the right connections.

Physically it is supported.  The CX 500m has the right connections, but I reccomend a larger wattage PSU

Sorry betax64, but that PSU is plenty. Unless you've got some other craziness going on with your system, 500 watts is enough for just about any single GPU setup out there.

Listen to Tiny Tom Logan tell it:

And now JayzTwoCents:

you should be ok as long as you are not packing a FX 9370 or something.

Yeah I know he is okay as the Nvidia website only says 170W of power drawn, but 500W is the minimum rec, and it won't leave the op with too much room left for add-ons (contigent upon his future plans and such).

yep i ran a oc'ed HD7950 on one of those CX500w units with a 8core FX8320 no problems.