Does this OC sound right?

Intel q6600 G0 stepping

3.19ghz at 1.30 volts

hottest core idling around 38-39 C

Wow, you must have gotten one hell of a chip

i'm using cpu-z to monitor my voltages right now...should i be using another program? Also, my q6600 runs around 53 C when under load. Do you think i should back the OC down a little bit?

Ohhh, CPU-z. Then that means the actual Bios voltage should be around 1.34-1.38. Vdroop. :P With your cooler I'd say 3.2--3.6 is quite possible. What thermal paste are you using?

I used the zalman stuff that came w/ my at what temps do you think my CPU is safe at under load? Like i said, it's at about 53C or so under load...Do you think that's too hot for a Q6600?

Nah dude, that's cooler than my E8400, which seems rather paradoxical. I'd say you have headroom for about .15ish+ more volts on that CPU, so I'd say you definitely have room for 3.2-3.6GHz.

53 Is pushing it. Aim for 45-50 for load.

...:[ My E8400 Goes up to 68 degrees C when I OC it to 3.8-4.0GHz. Quite sad. I need a better cooler.

OK thanks for the advice...I'll keep my OC where it's at right now and I'll keep my eye on the temps to make sure I don't stray too far from 50ish C under load.

What program do you use to stress test? I use Intel Burn Test which really takes th CPU to it's bleeding edge. I'd say it's a good indicator of your CPU's true limit, but it may be a bit dangerous at times. Luckily it shuts itself down if it gets to a dangerous point.

I actually haven't stressed it yet (too afraid I'll fry the chip when I do). But it's not getting above 48C in any games. When i did the windows experience score it got up to 53C though. But, it's stable...I've been gaming all night and it hasn't BSOD'ed once. I'm such a noob when it comes to OC'ing :-(

You have to run a stress test program.

Yeah, otherwise it would be an illegitimate load :/

Ok...running Prmie 95 right now as I'm typing this (thanks for the link and OC'in guide ambelial). How long do I need to run Prime 95 before i can say my OC is legit?

overnight, i've done as far as 11 hours.

HA. I've done 12. But since Windows 7 is highly unstable with every OC I have, I just keep it at stock. :[

lol i didn't have the patience to keep going, but 3.0ghz could've been stable for weeks on end because it's at stock volts lol..

i bumped up to 3.1 ghz and haven't done any tests yet and WTF a fucking bug just flew at my computer D:

What program do you guys suggest is the best for monitoring my vcore?

CPU-Z gets the job done.

i just manually set my q6600 at 1.325 (MY stock voltage) so i don't really worry about that. but i still use CPU-Z