Does this new copy of Crysis: Maximum Edition look legit?

I'm a collector. And I really want a boxed copy of all the Crysis games. Looking for a non-EA Value Games print copy. Does this look alright? Says it's new, the plastic wrap looks like it has stretches on the sides. Just looks a little odd to me. Only $11. Shocking, because it hasn't been in print for a long time. Well, the Black original label anyway.

Since it is eBay, why don't you message the seller for more information?

I actually messaged him, he never said anything back. I had a question about whether or not it uses Steam activation.

Hm. Maybe wait a day or so. Probably busy. Person does have close to 100% feedback so I doubt he could be a scammer but always good to check if he replies or not.

Those games are useless as collector's items because those games used Games for Windows Live.

Check the code on the inner circle of the disks (laser side) because there's usually a bunch of nomenclature there relating to the game, and compare references of the art box online.

It's been weeks since I messaged him.

@commodore256 Well, how else am I supposed to get a retail physical copy of those games, then? Why did they even enable region locking for PC games? I want Resident Evil Revelations, too..