Does this monitor exist?

Looking for a 27-32" 2560x1440 165hz IPS curved g-sync monitor…does this exist or are they all TN panels or freesync?

Looking to replace a dell 27" wqhd because the colors do not seem great

G-sync is very likely to work with the Freesync monitor since ultimately only a few minor differences separate the two.

I’d not go for the cheapest bottom-of-the-barrel stuff, but at higher price points it is all but guaranteed that Freesync support equals G-Sync support - it’s just that G-Sync support costs $$$$$ to validate while Freesync support validation can be done cheaply and in-house.

Check reviews for monitors that looks interesting!

Man that’s a tough one to find. You might have to settle for the inferior FreeSync if you want to go that route. I have found some G-Sync curved 144hz (165hz overclocked) but they are “no longer available”. Probably sold out because of how awesome they are.

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This is what I’d go with. Curved is not really a game changer. The difference between 165hz and 144hz is basically imperceivable.,1651000000&P=2&D=144000,280000

I started at 144Hz.

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