Does this look Broken? (AM4 socket sled)

I bought an Asus Pro WS X570-ACE from a warehouse deal. The description was “open box in very good condition”. The box was sealed but the box was scuffed up. All the parts were inside and it looked untouched except the anti-static bag was ruff looking. So after inspecting it, the board looks untouched except the corner of the socket sled looked lifted and it has tension on it. I did not put a CPU in it.

It certainly does not look right at all.

Considering it is a warehouse deal I am not sure if you can, but that would be an instant return for me.

It might work, but I would not want to try it. It is possible you could unlock it, put the CPU in, press it down and the lock it but that is not anything I would remotely try. it is also likely that a Cooler would keep it pressed down, but considering you cannot see or assess what is happening or has happened under there I would not risk it at all.


Thanks @Zibob. I wanted to make sure I’m not being picky it has a 30 day return. I am UPSing back it tomorrow.

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It’s not clipped all the way down, press it with your thumb if it doesn’t click, return it


This is definitely not the correct factory! But it does not exaggerate technical condition yet. Either someone pulled out the plastic and returned to the warehouse or the factory had a very bad day and quality control gave it a break, which I doubt.

There is no tragedy, this is not a trip to Mars. Lift this plastic cover and look at the pins in what condition they are. If everything looks ok, just put the plastic back on.

This is just a piece of plastic that you put on and snap. The mere fact that he jumped does not mean that something is damaged. Take it off and check the pins carefully! It is important that the bottom that touches the PCB is not raised!

Watch the video, you’ll understand more even if you don’t know the language. :wink:


Just to be clear I bought it knowing I have 30 days to return it. The latch is clipped in and the corner has pressure lifting it up. I have opened the latch and pushed down on the corner but it still has pressure lifting it back up. IMPO the product is damaged/2nds and defiantly not “open box in very good condition”. I can’t DIY it because it is still under factory warranty and that would void it. I just needed a second set of eyes on it and a sounding board. If this was an eBay buy “used as is” I would be down for some home repair. The warehouse is shipping out another one as soon as UPS picks this one up tomorrow, problem solved.

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That’s the crapshoot with Amazon Warehouse stuff. The minions that check the returns they restock don’t know what they’re looking at, so they open the box…“yep, it’s a motherboard, yep it’s the right model”…and in it goes to their stock.

I’ve bought stuff off Warehouse and when it’s arrived its not even the correct thing - bought an Asus router as a spare, and when it arrived there was some old piece of crap Linksys from the 90s in the box.


Yeah, stuff like that happens all the time. I had to send some stuff back as well. Overall that’s just the way it goes and for the most part I’ve been happy with my warehouse deals.

That socket looks not good and if there is actually something underneath pushing it up, I wouldn’t risk damaging it further by installing CPU + cooler and applying pressure to it. I’d return it.

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