Does the router have any Effect on the speed

I would like to know if the type of router you have has any effect on the speed of your wired connection. Lets say there is no other wired connections and no one connected to the Wifi network, Will i get the same speed as i do when i plug my computer directly into the modem!

If you're router was made within the last 5-10 years, probably not enough to be noticeable. I run my computer through a modem, a router, and two switches and I can still get the speed advertised by the ISP.

If your router has Hardware NAT, it will not influence your wired WAN speed by much.

If it doesn't then you're usually limited to 120-150 Mbps (depending of the crappy specs your router actually has, you're limited by the low spec hardware; usually it's a 400-450 Mhz single core ARM CPU with 32 - 64 MB RAM, so it can't push more data even if you beat it with a stick).

Well, what's your router!