Does the Nvidia GT 730 support 3 displays?

I recently bought a GT 730 ( AKN730D3S4GL1), it has a VGA, HDMI and DVI connector on it.

Ubuntu 20.04

I want to connect a 1080p TV to HDMI, my 1080p monitor to DVI and a smaller 720p display to VGA, but for the life of me I cannot figure out why I can only get one of the two working at a time.

No adapters or display converters, all connected displays are using native connections.

I tried every driver under additional drivers and only one of them (470) will even display 2 of them.

The third monitor would be detected but I just cant enable it.

There’s no way that the GPU is incapable of outputting 3 simultaneous video feeds right?

I am 100% positive that if I had a windows installation to boot to than it would use all three displays.

Something has to be misconfigured right?

Any in formation and advice would be greatly appreciated.

The DDR3 128bit model of the unit (The one you have) supports 2 monitors. The other more “powerful” models support 3.

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Sigh, gone are they days of just being able to buy a basic display adapter.


You can buy a card for a low cost still. You just won’t be going new:


CUDA Cores 384
Number of Displays Supported 4 (DP 1.2 Multi-Streaming)
Maximum DP 1.2 Resolution 3840 x 2160 at 60Hz (direct connect)
Maximum DVI-D DL Resolution 2560 x 1600 at 60Hz
Maximum DVI-I SL Resolution 1920 x 1200 at 60Hz

These are also tiny single slot cards. Gives you lots of space for your heavy lifter airflow. (While they can run 4K displays, don’t expect to enjoy it…)

This is much appreciated, I might select on of these options if i can get a refund as it was purchased recently, they have a GTX 950 that I will offer to buy if give me a hard time about returning the 730.

Thanks for your time, its greatly appreciated, I would have spent many hours trying to get the 730 to work

No problem. It is a safe bet to assume that unless a card specifies triple monitor support, that it does not. Unfortunately, larger 3+ multi-monitor configurations are still considered by video card manufacturers to be high end usage.

AMD WX 3200 and Nvidia P620 come to mind.

Yeah, but those are expensive shiny and new. Grab them used off Ebay after a datacenter clean-out and they are much more affordable.

I linked the K series as it meets his requirements and costs about $50 for a used card, vs around $200 for a new one.

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