Does Tek Syndicate need a "Let's Play" playlist?

I've been watching Tek Syndicate a lot recently, I love your videos and appreciate the information you provide. I know Tek Syndicate doesn't need a LP playlist, but would love to offer my services. Gameplay and a supporting narrative can make LPs very immersive for viewers. I've wanted to start developing my own LPs but I know how hard it can be to find viewers; If you could give me a chance to produce something for you I'd be greatly humbled.


I tink pistol covers that with her streams, and they have the "beer games beer" channel, but I don't think that they've done much with it recently.

Logan has been playing Deus Ex for the last few days on Twitch. But as for Beer Games Beer I haven't seen anything new for a while.

I think theyre using the twitch channel AS the beer games beer channel. 

Theyve been very active on it lately. 

Don't forget Qain was also playing Deus Ex HR for the past fortnight or so.

That is true. I had forgotten about his live stream.