Does Steam cloud sync work between linux/windows yet?

So about a year ago I had installed the latest GNOME OS and set up Steam only to find that no game had any save data. Sad, I went back to windows.

Fast forward until SteamOS and I've noticed that Steam cloud sync works perfectly across the board (haven't found any game so far that it doesn't) = awesome.

Does this feature exist in current debian branches today? I'm planning to get a snazzy m.2 and set it up with linux but losing every save game isn't really a good motivator.

I think so. I was recently playing Hacknet on Windows and when i booted up Ubuntu at school it continued where it left off from where stoped while on Windows.

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Well that's a good sign. Can anyone else confirm this functionality?

Depends on the game. By the way, if it works on SteamOS, it works on any distro.

Ok I was hoping there was parity there but wasn't sure. Thanks for the info.

For me, I am having trouble with borderlands 2. When I enter windows, my progress in linux is not reflected on windows.

I think you can transfer the save between the two and keep playing, but you gotta do it manually.

That's a shame.. I wonder if it's on a per game basis then.

Ya you can manually transfer the same save in most cases but that is way too much of a hassle. You could probably set up symlinks as well but that shouldn't be necessary.

It's a hassle, I agree. I remember when I still had to deal with Windows that I would sync the save folder between OSes using some cloud service. Not ideal but less annoying.

yeah per game. HL2 works for me, but other games dont.