Does Ryzen run Fedora 25 as it runs on intel?

i reaaally want to buy ryzen but supporting linux is something that i want to be sure of

Ryzen has proper support starting with Kernel 4.10.

When Fedora gets 4.10 (if it hasn't already) then you'll be fine.

Just checked for updates.
Its still on 4.9.12, but its been less than a month since 4.10 dropped.

Id say Fedora should see 4.10 in a general release in the next few weeks.

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As @judahnator said it will be out soon.

As discussed in this mailing list thread:[email protected]/thread/JXX76IJSGHYIFMEDO2LNKVCJSGGHZ5OC/

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Would it not be possible to just download 4.10 from It won't be the Fedora modified kernel rather it would be the vanilla kernel.

But as said above, SOON! TM

Define proper
And will SMT be supported too?

Well, proper as in it is the first kernel that is adding support for Ryzen. Of course other kernels will still run on Ryzen, hypothetically.

SMT is being added in 4.10, you can check the change log.

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@Masterfulliam beat me to it. New 4.* kernels tend to show up at 4.*.1/2 following some testing.

You can use 4.10 right now through the rawhide kernel nodebug repo

(be warned these are unsigned and may break UEFI if you use signed kernels for it)

You want to wait. Not because of kernel support as that's there. But because you want to wait for motherboard firmware to stabilise, if what @wendell mentioned is true across the board it seems there pushing frequent updates at the moment.

Don't jump in unless you don't mind the bugs.

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