Does RAM speed matter?

So i was just wondering since i'm going to build my own computer in a couple of months if RAM speed matters when i'm not using an APU.

I was thinking of gettign 1333 MHZ instead of 1600, would this make a significant difference in tasks such as gaming, editing or rendering? Or really any other task, those are just the most important.

RAM speed is the most important thing to think about when getting a GPU. If I were you, I'd go for 2133mhz. Your graphics are going to rely heavily on your RAM. RAM speed really isn't a big deal without APUs and if you're not rendering, some 1600 cas 9 will be good for anyone without any real performance to gain with going higer.

Buy what you can afford first. But yeah it is important. Go for the 1600mhz. If you have anough money buy get the highest speed your mother board supports.

1600 mhz is the usual standard with gaming afterwards you wont notice any difference other than in benchmarks. the difference between 1333 and 1600 isnt very noticable either. i personally use 1333 and i dont notice any problems. the only time higher mem speeds come into more play is if u r using apus. but since you are most likely using dedicated graphics card ram speed doesnt matter as much

In 3d work you can typically see a linear improvement in performance based off ram speed for example between 1333 and 1600 you will notice a 20% improvement.

With rendering it doesnt matter a ton either as long as you have enough memory (usually 8gb or more) at a decent speed (i would suggest 1866 if u are just gonna be doing editing, gaming/editing machine i would suggest 1600 to save some money) 


so to sum up: the only time ram speed really matter is in 3d work or if u r using APUs. in gaming with dedicated card thier is very a slight difference between 1333 and 1600 any higher and you wont be noticing any cost worthy gains


Speed only matters if you have an APU, are doing rendering/ 3d work, or are Overclcking. 

I would go with what scraps is saying get the 1600 with the CAS 9 for gaming pc.