Does Paint.Net Give Viruses?

Just curious, I have been Paranoid lately because Slender gave me a virus, from their official website :/ is great software, i've never had any issues

Ive played slender several times, and have not gotten a virus from it. is safe, as well.

General rules of thumb for viruses on Windows:

  • If you think you have a virus: you do.
  • If you think you don't have a virus: you do.
  • If your antivirus says you don't have a virus: it missed the ones that can hide.
  • If your antivirus says you have a virus: you have twice as many.
  • If your antivirus says it removed a virus: the hidden ones are laughing.
  • If your antivirus says it can't remove a virus: neither can the paid version.

I say virus, but I mean malware. Too many letters though, couldn't be bothered.

The way I look at antivirus (anti-malware) software is this: they can only detect the malware that's too crappy to be undetectable. The detectable malware probably was installed by undetectable malware. The only way to get rid of undetectable malware is wipe the drive. Or I guess some sort of scanner that's a usb boot disk and cleanses a non-running system drive... Never heard of that sort of thing though.


There are tons of USB boot Antiviruses. Nearly every AV has a bootable version.

I forgot what I was getting at there... it is too easy for a virus maker to defeat the heuristics used by even offline AV progs, and therefore a bootdisk AV still can not guarantee a clean system.

BTW have you ever used a bootable AV? I haven't and I'm curious if they bring up networking and stuff to fetch updates, or if you must manually update them from a booted system...

Some do, some dont. 


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Kill yourself.

never herd of Paint.Net giving viruses, maybe you was already infected, Windows can be infected before you even have it running fully, Try malwarebytes seems to be the best out there for removal, Also AV rescue disks are better than actual installed software, seeing as the system is down it can access all that it needs.

Strange though how most rescue disks are linux based, but saying that on linux you dont get viruses if you stay on normal sites, its possible but not without.

Anyways try malwarebytes then try a rescue disk, if not wipe your system, only thing really left.