Does openWRT on an ubiquiti AP make sense?

I made a post a few months ago about this. No one replied. But I still wanted to know what ideas people here have. Is the value of the device the bundled software/firmware? or is there something, some feature that I'm not seeing that makes the device itself awesome? Would it lose that value from flashing it with a more simple third party firmware? I'm gonna buy the regular unifi sometime this month, and I'm gonna experiment and mess around with it before I put in some long-term set up.

Hey! I have a view things from ubnt, but I have not yet tried do flash them.. as they run smooth with what they came with.

There seem to be some stuff (specially driver) thats only in the AirOS firmware:

If you're only running one of them then if you want to use a different firmware then go for it. But if you have a bunch the unifi software is pretty good for managing them.

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Thats true.. I can only speak for the cameras, its realy a great piece of tool, specially for the prize.

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What kind of prize? I have never heard that term used before.

For shits and giggles sure, but Ubiquiti's preinstalled firmware is really just fine.

Please forgive the native german-speaker... I meant price. Like in $/€ bucks, cash ^^

At my last dorm we had 2 Unifi APs deployed that came with dd-wrt directly from the vendor. They are rock solid with that and have collected somewhere around 300-500 days constant uptime.

There is a fitting topic in the community forums from Ubiquiti:

From what I've heard: The normal firmware on the devices is good enough.