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Does NVFBC even work anymore past Win10 1809?

Asking because of this:

And I know DXGI has it’s downfalls in titles like Doom Eternal which is heavily GPU bound, so I’m asking because if I use something like Win10 2004 and it won’t work, I may point people to the Level1Techs DP EDID thing with a Shogun Inferno. If you enable Nvidia Fast Sync, it should still be tearing free.

Sorry if I’m behind the times on this, just getting back into things.

Yes… all you have to do is look at the documentation to see this, or the enormous amount of effort we have been putting into it the last 4 months in the git logs to see it’s still active and available.

That deprecation notice is a from January 2019, we have known about this for a very long time now and at some point NVIDIA will remove it, but it’s not likely for a long while yet.

Huh. So if I stick to 2004 and a relatively new (not latest) creator driver it should still be fine? Like one before the Kepler Deprecation.

there has been no reports of it being removed… why don’t you just try and see? deprecation != removal.