Does My motherboard support FX-8350?

Hey I' got a M5A97 motherboard running my 1090T Phenom II x6 atm, with gtx 660ti Top, 8gb 1600 mhz and a psu that produces up to 600 watts.

Here is a link to the motherboard:

This is kind of a two in one questien.

Can I get the FX-8350 to run on this motherboard, and if I can - do I need to upgrade my PSU or am I fine?

And in advance, Thank you :D

I'm running that exact mother board and yes it does support FX 8350, however with mine currently I'm having a lot of overheating issues with the CPU, could be just mine. I've got a 650 watt PSU and seem to do just fine, Before my overheating issues started i had it overclocked to 5.2 GHz

if its an R2.0 board it support the FX8350 out of box, its doesnt show me on the link that it is the M5A97 r2.0 so i think you first need to flash youre bios, before installing a new FX8350.

the 1605 is the newest bios version, you better update youre bios to that version first, then you know for sure, youre FX8350 will run :)

the R2.0 board standard come with the 1102 bios version, from that version, it supports vishera's out of box.

but better go for the newest one, you can do it now easaly. cause i think youre bios now doesnt support the fx8350 out box ;)

Yeah its not the R2.0 Version I got. I will try and flash my bios to the newer version.. did alittle research while in class. and the M5A97 with the AM3+ socket should support it with a newer bios.. Hopefully it will work.. or else I will just have to earn alittle more money and get a new motherboard..


i gave you the link to the newest bios version it will work fine, on youre asus cd  there is a program where you can update youre bios with.

1. download the  latest version 1605 i gave the link in my other post.

2. unzip the bios cap file to a map.

3.  install whenn you not allready done that,  asus suite from the cd dilliverd by youre mainboard.

4 go asus update, bios update,

5. dont let the program search the internet but select youre self the just unpacked bios cap file, you downloaded.

6. de bios will beflashed leave pc alone.

7. reboot.

8. you now have the newest bios version, dont forget to setup the settings you had before, if you had any costom settings..

9. enjoy :P

Thanks alot folks. Got the bios updated and the CPU installed.. works like a charm :D


youre welcome ;) kiss :p