Does my first PC build look good?

This is my first attempt at a pc build and I am about as noobie to this as it gets as I'm switching over from mac as well (about time!). Mostly used Logan's $1200 fx8350 build as a template and picked a nicer GPU. Here's the parts list:

The one thing I was confused about was the RAM speed. The gskill ram I picked was 2133 and the mobo says it supports up to 1866. Is that problem?

Also I went with the gen3 sabertooth mobo instead of the rev2.0 because it supports PCI 3.0 which goes with my GPU. Is this worth the extra $20?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

that's a pretty damn good job for a first PC build!

the 2133 RAM won't really cause any problems with the mobo, it'll just run in overclocked mode, but for me, a rule of thumb I use is to stick with 1600/1866MHz, especially for gaming, because honestly in real world testing, there's not much difference performance wise.

So I thought I'd make 2 small changes, the RAM I changed to a Corsair Vengeance low profile 1866MHz kit, so it can fit under the CPU cooler without getting in the way and I added an even better GPU with a higher clock speed, the MSI Radeon HD 7970 (core clock of 1000MHz compared to the Asus @ stock 925MHz).

Just a suggestion, whatever your choice may be, regardless of which build, you've got a gaming monster there :)

Those builds looks good.

Indeed the ram speed will not be an issue, i personaly allways recommend something like G-Skill Sniper 2x4GB 1866mhz ram.  they are great looking, and good price, i personaly dont see the benefit of buying much more expensive 2133mhz and above. because with a dedicated GPU the perfomance boost of faster ram is arround <2% so not worth it.  fast ram only comes handy if you use a APU/igpu based system, but thats not the case.

very well put! could not have said it better myself :)

Personally I stick to 1600MHz, but do you think that there's much of a difference at all between 1600 & 1866 with a dedicated GPU?

The price of higher MHz ram is not worth it in my opinion. A 1600MHz kit is fine for gaming.

nope. i have 1600 mhz ram my self also. but yeah 1600/1866mhz ram is arround the same price,thease days. thats realy the only reason.

Awesome! Thanks for the suggestion on the RAM. I definitely don't want to run into problems with fitting the RAM under the CPU cooler. I'll also check out the MSI 7970 as well. More speed sounds good to me!

I'd suggest just picking up the Hyper 212 EVO instead of a high end air CPU Cooler (unless a Noctua cooler).  The extra price you pay isn't worth the little cooling benefit, if any benefit, that the Hyper 212 EVO.