Does My Android Game Suck?

Play Stardawn.

I switched up the combat system and tried to make death less painful by adding ways to keep stuff. The title was changed too because it didn't rank well for it's own name. I'm wondering if the changes improved it, what would you rate the game?

Hey, i like it!

One thing i would say could be improved is the tutorial. I believe the first thing a user sees when starting the game is really important. And making the player read a paragraph before being able to play would discourage most users. I have tested my games on some people and most of them skipped the tutorials I made witch were just a sentence. I would recommend adding a tutorial in witch you point out all the elements of the HUD and help the player buy a weapon and kill an enemy ship. As one thing i noticed is that something that might be obvious to the developer might not be for the player.

The upgrade system is great btw, i can feel that it has a lot of work put into it.


Thanks for the feedback. I've struggled with various versions of the tutorial for a long time. Maybe making the indicators more clear would help too. People seem to click the fire weapons button and then wonder why it doesn't work.

Well.. If it would install on my Padfone, I would give it a try :D

Same as Tylnesh. I cannot install it on my oneplus. Would give it a try if i could.