Does my 8350 supposed to get this hot?

I OC'd my 8350 a while back to 4.8. It's been stable as ever, and temps are always great as I don't do much except for gaming. 

Yesterday I converted a video from one format to another, and my CPU was almost instantly 75c. Today I decided to stress it with Prime 95, and the same happened, and my PC crashed. I atleast know i'm unstable, but I don't want to increase my voltage to make it stable if my temps will continue as they are. How can I fix this..

Cooler: Corsair H110

CPU: 8350 @ 4.8 -> 1.475v

Idle Temps: 35c

Stress Temps: 70-75c

check your h110, it might be broken. or dying.

With problems like this it's usually from a loose connection from the processor to the heatsink. Try removing it and re-attaching it.

Your CPU can't get to 75 degrees because it's outside of AMD operating temperatures.

It was probably temperature of the socket and 75 is okay-ish. You should make sure your CPU temperature doesn't exceed 61.

Improperly applied or dried thermal paste can be the reason.

Check the connection between your waterblock & CPU

The only time my FX-8320 hits those temps are during Prime95 and y-cruncher runs at 4.833GHz with nearly 1.6 volts on the VCore, and that's with a CoolIT ECO 120 single rad and two Delta fans at around 3000RPM.

Like everyone else suggested, I'd check the contact between your water block and your CPU's IHS. Those temps don't look right at that voltage.

Also, are those core temps, or socket temps? My core temps have gotten as high as 80C during suicide runs.

My bad, that was my socket temps. My core temps are around 45-50c under load. 

What are socket temps good up to, board is a M5a99x Evo 2.0. 

Thanks for the help !

What are socket temps good up to

Different sources say something about either 70-80 as maximum recommended. It depends on the motherboard and yours is a good one.


Im running my 8350 @ 4.8Ghz -> 1.475v aswell. I have a h80i. So maybe I can compare.

I also get core temps of 55C MAX under load.

I'm thinking; yeah. Your temperatures are a bit on the high side (the h110 should kick my ass though..) but it's normal enough.

How is your thermalpaste doing ?

Anywayz, the crashes can mean that your voltage needs to be more higher, and might have nothing to do with the temperature :)

I have also had my [email protected] get up to 80C  before in a few benches. Only ones that max out all cores for long periods of time. It does not seem to have degraded the chip though. As I set my best score ever on Amd realbench last night moving me into 5th place AMD. Honestly I think any where under 70 is good to go. It will go to 80C but I dont recommend it. Might even be that my core temps are not reading correct?

It usually does awesome, but i'm in need of some new fans, so I might re-apply some thermal paste and see what happens. 

I fixed the crashes, HPC was enabled in my bios, but read up on it and it causes the crashes. 

Thanks for the help !

Alrighty, thanks. Now its kickin' around 60c so i'm happier with that.

You should check your cooler, My 8350 is at 5.01Ghz with a 1.524 Vcore. Stable.

Idle temps 33 celcius

after 100% load for 30 minutes: 58 Celcius

I have an H100i, but remember, not all silicon is created equal, but i would seriously check your cooler.