Does Minecraft come boxed?

Can i get a boxed copy of Minecraft somehow? Also. What’s with all the versions? I was browsing the Steam store and i don’t see any obvious purchase choice here. Story Mode? Wtf is that? So you just can’t get standalone Minecraft on Steam? I don’t get it.

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You get the game here

No. The only thing that is ‘boxed’ is a licence key.

And what happens when i buy it? I have a Minecraft account of some sort? How the hell is the game accessed? What if i go on another PC?

You activate the key from your account, only way to activate the key btw, and then it is permanently registered to your account.

Once you install the game, it gives you a handly little icon on the desktop. Alternatively, you can just open the .jar file of where the game is located.

You sign into your account on the other pc; the game is not tied to a specific computer.

You buy the game directly from mojang to acquire the game.
You will get a account with mojang and use that to authenticate with their servers and download the game. After that you only have to authenticate with the server when you want to play the game online with other people.

Thats not your style? There are plenty of third party launchers that let you download the game once and play it offline from that point.

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On console versions, yes. On PC, no. Minecraft (the original) is not sold on Steam.

That is the Telltale game. Nothing to do with the original.