Does MacOS support 32:9 displays?

So as the title says I’m curious if MacOS supports the use of 32:9 monitors as I’ve been using an iMac Pro and a Hackintosh for the last 2 weeks for daily use & work and got to say I’m loving it. Although I want to get myself a super ultrawide as I could benefit from the Extra Realestate and can’t find any information if it supports it or not, so just curious if anyone knows if it works.

I can’t confirm 32:9 but I can confirm it works just fine with 21:9 and 3:2.

I very much doubt it would not work as if I’m not mistaken all this info is negotiated between the monitor and the device these days?

If you can flick me the model I can maybe look up and see if it is in the display database even? If its not, doesn’t mean it won’t work but if it is it means macOS even has a colour profile for it.

actually that’s unlikely, there’s fewer profiles than I thought. just every monitor I’ve plugged in I have had zero issues so far.

It’s the Dell U4919DW, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, but I’ve seen issues in the past with it only supporting 3840x1080 vs the 5120x1440 native res, and was just curious if maybe macOS doesn’t natively support 32;9, and in that case id happily go and buy a 21:9 since at the moment I’m using a 1080p 24’ crappy monitor so anything at the moment would be an upgrade!

Having had (and still have -but replaced for Mac use with a 4k 27") a 21:9… for macOS I’d honestly go a nice high-dpi 16:9 or 16:10 - and get a trackpad.

If you’re not using a trackpad with macOS and making use of three finger swipe left/right for multiple desktops (and 3 finger swipe up/down for expose/app expose)… you’re missing out.

You can have essentially side by side desktops at a swipe without needing to turn your head, and without giving up vertical space :slight_smile:

I use my MacBook by itself a lot more than I can stand to do with PC laptops specifically due to the swipe left/right and I carry it over to the desktop when I have multiple screens attached :slight_smile:

The gestures are one of those Mac-isms that might change the way you work :slight_smile:

That said macOS does work with some wierd-ass display sizes due to the way retina scaling works and the fact that a lot of Apple displays are weird anyway.

I mean my round-edged MacBook Pro 14 display native res is…

3024x1964 :smiley:

… and you can use display scaling on any high-dpi panel for weird and wonderful sizes.

Well i may look into getting myself a magic trackpad and keyboard + a HiDpi display as the keyb+mouse + 4k monitor would be cheaper than a 32:9 display here and since hopefully if/when the iMac Pro M1 comes out ill most likely buy that as my main computer as I’m loving macOS so far and the older iMac pro with the 18 cores and 128gb ram at the moment for my work and hopefully we get a M1 equivalent i can enjoy!

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I’ve got a magic trackpad here too :slight_smile:

I like the trackpad on macOS so much I got one for desktop use for the Mac mini or when I use my MBP in clamshell mode :slight_smile:

Oh, there’s a few keyboard shortcuts you can try (without the trackpad)… to sort of get the feel for how it works:

ctrl+left/right arrows = swipe left/right desktop
ctrl+up = expose (show all windows on a desktop)
ctrl+down = application expose (show all windows for only a specific app)

When in either of the expose views you can select an app/window/desktop with the mouse

The trackpad does make the gestures a lot more fluid though as you’re already moving around with the trackpad for selecting/moving windows

oh, found this linked on another forum I’m following a thread on:

I haven’t had any issues with my m1-pro, but I’m just using internal + 4k 27" on this specific machine so far without issues. Previous ultra wide experience has been with Intel Macs.

I have my ultrawide working with my m1 without issue, but I don’t have a super ultrawide to test with

Nice! will most likely pick up a 21:9 or maybe a 4k 32’ monitor at some point this week since, it seems 32;9 would cause more hassle, Glad to hear it works fine on M1! Sadly Both of my machines are Intel due to iMac Pro and Hackintosh, but hopefully, if apple announces an iMac M1 with at least 20 core and 128Gb ram ill be all over it and switch pretty much instantly.

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All I can say is go play with a new MacBook Pro. If you like macOS on intel you’re in for a shock.

Never mind 20 cores, this 10 core is the most responsive machine I’ve ever used.

Maybe it doesn’t render as fast as a high end desktop, but switching apps, multitasking, and actual responsiveness under load is insane. Ran cinebench r23 benchmark last night and whilst running it general multitasking responsiveness was… imperceptibly different. I’ve yet to find anything that makes app switching, UI response, etc. anything less than INSTANT.

It’s nuts.

I think part of it is the macOS scheduler which does QoS to split work between P and E cores, combined with the speed at which M1 can create/destroy Swift objects (some order of magnitude faster than intel at that apparently).

If you’re still waiting for 20 cores so be it, but even the current Pro/Max are just nuts and it isn’t just benchmark stats. It’s the responsiveness under load that just kicks the shit out of anything else I’ve used in the past 30 years.

It does. I have a Samsung G9 which is 5120x1440 and have it connected to a Macbook Pro Retina Touchbar mid 2018.

It works and even through the L1Techs KVM (Worth it). The Mac sometimes is a bit flakey with the image using the club3d USB-C to displayport adapter. I believe it is the fault of the Mac not putting out a strong enough signal, but it is usually fine.

I assume for your hackintosh it would be great. 32:9 works, but with high resolution and high refresh your mileage may vary.

Just my two cents…

I use M1 Air with HDMI dongle. It runs 4K60 no problem, but gets flaky on 1080p/144 or even 1080p/120 using the same cable.

4K 16:9 has more realestate than 1440p super ultrawide, but I suppose it depends on your workload - it may benefit more from horizontal space.

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Kinda what I was getting at… the macOS trackpad gestures left/right desktop really help with the horizontal space (and large ultra-wides or multiple displays, you need to turn your head which is… not ideal). Vertical space on ultra wide seems at a premium to me.

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