Does Linux run better on AMD or Intel hardware?

Is there any difference in the performance of Linux for AMD or Intel parts?

I have a feeling that you have more than just a couple people hoping to find that out with this Linux experiment.

That is, personally, one of the reasons why I installed Linux on my other hard-drive.

I have steam installed, and have Metro 2033 Last Light running, but since I can't configure all my display settings... it's kind of hard to try to do an apples-to-apples comparison.

Linux runs on a potato it dosent realy matter.


I heard that it works better on AMD CPUs, I have no personal experience though. Probably the best configuration would be AMD CPU and Nvidia GPU.

What's the best type of potato?

Locally, and organically, grown?

I wish I had more free time. I'd make this happen.

Intel processors are now much faster in every way then AMD ones, and there aren't any miracles. Even Linux does not help. To my knowledge, let someone correct me if I'm wrong, there is still no good optimizations for the AMD FX processors even in Windows, and not to talk about Linux optimizations.

Hook up a potato to a Raspberry Pi?

Wow, this thread is full of misinformation. The simple truth is that both will perform as they should. Intel will still outperform AMD core per core but unlike Windows, Linux will actually allow all cores of the AMD CPU to be utilized and done so properly. For example, the FX8150, on launch, performed near twice as well in Linux as compared to windows, simply due to better management of resources on Linux, allowing all cores to be utilized properly.

Both will perform how they should be expected but Linux will be able to utilize CPUs with more cores properly, especially compared to windows. This applies for both intel and AMD CPUs with more than 4 cores. Furthermore, the odd sharing of resources on AMDs FX chips in much better managed in Linux compared to windows.

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Personally I prefer AMD CPU because it saves me the trouble of having to configure the onboard CPU GPU and an external graphics card.

Intel will run faster if that's what you mean. Linux doesn't magically fix cpu architecture. When you get away from all that bull you'll find some games run better under linux than windows.

This guy knows whats up.

Plus AMD is the cheapest way to get both hardware pass through and over clocking.

+1 on this...Exactly...They perform as the should.

High end Intel models might outperform AMD high end CPUs but cost 2-5 times more than them. Whatever OS you use this will not change.

Also I generally view AMD a bit more reliable in terms of maturity as AMD has a much slower development cycle giving time for things to mature.

This thread shouldn't exist. Both CPUs will perform to their best abilities on Linux, so Linux should not be a factor in this comparison. Whether it runs better or not comes down to the CPU's architecture.

That was my plan!