Does linksys e3000 have backdoor?

Just picked up a used e3000 for $10 and get a much better wifi signal & faster dls than with my D-link dir-655. But then I saw an episode of the Tek where Logan & Wendell said that some Linksys and Netgear routers have back doors hidden in the firmware.

Does anyone know if the same is true for the Linksys e3000?

If so ... does anyone want it? lol

I'm not aware of an backdoors, but you might it useful to perform a port scan on your e3000 with something like nmap.Ideally, you should only see port 80 and 23 (maybe 22 if SSH is enabled) open.

Is this in reference to an actual backdoor or the authentication trickery that can be performed with the WPS?


I'm not sure. I think they said a real backdoor in the firmware that could not be disabled by the end user.

It was mentioned in an episode of the Tek but I can't remember which one.

I was thinking of flashing it with DD-WRT --- but thought I'd ask here first.

Just flash it. there is no reason not to, and you will be sure that there are no backdoors.

Thank you all for your input -- I just went out in my garage & found a 50' Cat6 cable. Tomorrow I'll crawl under the house and stretch wire. I will probably hook the DIR-655 up and disable the radio. Thanks again.