Does it Make Sense to Jump on the Carrizo APU Train? or Really Wait for Zen?

I have a 4670k right now, its awesome for what i need it do, which is schoolwork and game. however i've been considering virtualization. for what you may ask? maybe considering jumping on the linux train and just putting Windows in a KVM and putting my GPU through a PCi-E Passthrough and Call it a Day.

the 4670k doesn't support Virtualization, not that i'm aware of. so i ask you does it make sense to jump on the Carrizo APU train. or just wait for Zen Next year?

Supposedly AMD is going to Target the Carrizo APUs to Compete against the i3s the i5s and i7s. which i highly doubt they'd be able to compete but AMD seems to be more friendly with the Behind the Scene Features, stuff like Virtualization and True-Audio Support built on the chip.

Wait until there is more information on desktop Carrizo. So far they've only announced mobile.

the 4570k does support virtualization, just not vt-d which is needed for pass through of a graphics card etc.

personally I would start with a Linux vm on windows to get a feel for it and to choose a disto, and then sell the 4670k and replace with an i7 4770 or xeon e3-1230 which does support vt-d if that's what you still want to do. I doubt the new AMD chip will match haswell on ipc but might be wrong...

i've tried a few distros, i like ubuntu, Zorin OS, Manjaro, Debian and Mint, i just made a boot drive and tried them out when i had spare time.

i'll reiterate it differently. does it make sense to jump on an AMD CPU platform for Virtualization riight now? or wait for Zen?

I don't much approve of spending money on a dead platform, but if you need it now, then you need it now. There will always be something better around the corner, so if you are always waiting on it, then you will never get anything. Get it when you need it. If 8350 is what is available, then so be it. If that is Zen, then get that. Would a xeon cpu work though (I have no clue myself, but my point is there may be other options).

it's not a necessity, it's more of like "I've considered getting off Windows on my Main Rig but don't have the hardware to fix most of the headaches I'm going to deal with jumping on a Linux OS."

I'm fine right now i don't need it, i'm on windows and it's doing what i need to. but sometime in the future i wish to jump onto Zorin OS, or Debian or Ubuntu (or something Ubuntu like without Unity)

I would suggest looking into Debian with a windows manager that you like as Debian is very well supported and stable from what I've heard. Sabayon and Manjaro are good as well. Anyway, you can use Linux with your cpu right now. VM might not really be an option, but you can still get well acquainted with Linux until Zen comes around.

No don't buy Carrizo wait till ZEN fx!

I would wait for the AMD Zen in 2016. With all the news of Intel cheating the benchmarks the last few years I won't buy Intel anymore until I know they are playing fair. Plus the Zen is looking to be a very impressive chip. 

the idea about waiting for the next big thing is that you always just end up waiting.

I am a bit confused. I thought desktop Carrizo was coming out in 2016 too? So Zen or Carrizo doesn't matter. You'd still be waiting. 

Carrizo will be out in a couple months.

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