Does it make sense to do like I? (HDD for OS, SSD for games and programs)

So I'm one of the people that do kind of reverse of what a lot of other people out there are doing. I've noticed that there's a trend that's been going on for a while that you should put the OS on arn SSD and put games and programs and things like that on the HDD.

Since I almost never shut down my computer or put it to sleepmode or search for a lot of files I've always thought it's better to use the HDD for the OS, since there aren't really any other benefits going SSD for the OS than that, I think.

An OS can take up several tens of GBs of storage on your drive and SSD storage is still many times more expensive, so it'd feel like a waste to put the OS on the SSD when I could put on several games and other programs that would benefit more there instead.

I'm pretty sure storing the OS on an SSD is like storing a DVD-rip when you're using the computer, am I wrong?

Because whenever I propose to someone to use an HDD for OS and SSD for games, they think I'm crazy!

Am I crazy? Is anyone doing the same as me?


It's still really all up to what you want to do, but you'd likely still get more out of your OS on an SSD over games. Not too many games benefit that much from an SSD whereas your entire OS will be much more responsive on one. I still install a bulk of my games onto an HDD because the difference when using up close to 20+GB of space on my SSD is a few seconds of loading times on pretty much everything but open-world RPGs. 

Yeah, having your games on the SSD will decrease their launch time, and MAY decrease any texture lod issues (texture pop, and whatnot) that you might have crop on by having them on a HDD...  but having your OS on the SSD generally makes your entire system more snappy.  The reason being that your OS and it's affiliated components are constantly running, loading, launching, scanning and otherwise accessing the drive.  That is why most people prioritize putting the OS on the SSD over everything else.  It gives you the most bang for your buck as far as performance increase goes.

I myself have my OS and programs on my SSD, and have my games (well, my steam games anyway) located on my HDD.  So, basically my OS is snappier, and my programs load and operate much quicker (it's a godsend for Photoshop, Premiere and other resource intensive programs).  The only downside is that my Steam games launch a bit slower than they would if they were on the SSD...  which isn't really a big deal to me.

But, to each his own I suppose.

I put my os, my programs, and my most played games on my SSD. 

My files and other games go on my hard drive  

Yeah and considering it seems the average size for games nowadays is like 40GB and over your SSD won't last very long if you have even a moderate sized library.

Plus what are you gonna do? Buy like a tiny HDD for your OS?

It is whatever you want to do but it seems silly to me to do what you are suggesting.