Does Irn Bru Exist Outside Scotland?

Hello there,

I'm a Scottish person and I am really interested to hear if our national drink - Irn Bru - exists outside our beloved homeland. The reason I ask is that when I go to university I may do an exchange trip for one semester and I would really miss the ginger coloured drink if it weren't available in a country I may exchange to.


A thirsty Scot.

Yep its sold here in the midlands i drink it occasionally with vodka it makes a good mixer :D

Yes it is. I have seen it in the south west, and in London.

I love Barr soft drinks. Tastier than their expensive counter parts.

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It's sold in Manchester too love the stuff. Just about the only soft drink I do drink since they ruined Tizer which was also surprisingly good with vodka.


I've never seen it here in the US, but I guess that doesn't matter if you're not planning on going to a US University.

Not really outside of the UK but once I was in France and I saw a shit ton in a shop but restaurants don't carry it. Anyway I hate it. Tastes like metal. 

I went to scotland about 5 years back and hade some Irn Bru. Kinda missed it untill recently when I saw it in a local supermarket. I'm from sweden, if you can find it here you can most likely find it in most places. 

You can get in Cardiff and the various other flavors they produce

You can get it in Denmark as well.

Our nearest 7/11 (Shell gas station) has in stock.

I like the taste of it, so I get it occasionally when I fill up the car. 

Yup, Sobeys and Superstore both carry it in Nova Scotia.

It's available here in New Zealand, that sh*t keeps me wired for hours!

I've never seen it in a shop in Norway, but I've had it.. Curtesy of Subesea 7.

local shops in clacton on sea stock the stuff

its my favourite soft drink

I had some when I was in Canada. But it didn't have Caffeine in it. I just looked into this on Google and they started putting it in. It was in Glass Bottles too.

Yeah of course it's stocked all over the place here in Aberystwyth.

I'm (originally) from Aberystwyth. I seem to remember drinking Tizer more though, or Top Deck.

Im Scottish too and when i was on holiday in the US i was shocked to find Irn Bru on the shelves of the international section in some supermarket. I instantly bought it because i was amazed that shops outside of UK sold it.

I'm drinking one right now in Germany ;) Not cheap though

Best place to live in the world :)

Apart from the hill of course.

i wanted to export some to the US and it was like 3 times the cost per case in Scotland :(