Does iOS support WiFi Hotspot without specific plans?

Hey guys. I haven't had an iPhone for about two years now and that was a pretty old one for the time (iPhone 4). When I was using it I was still on Verizon and the phone didn't support becoming a WiFi hotspot because I didn't pay for the plan that included it. Well now I'm on StraightTalk, soon to switch to Ting, who don't care and don't have plans specifically for hotspots. So can I buy the unlocked phone, activate it on Ting or StraightTalk, and just be able to enable hotspot when I choose? If not, that may actually be the one feature that makes me stay on Android.

I don't know about Iphone but I know it is super simple to enable on a Nexus 6. I'm on Verizon and have a grandfathered unlimited plan and use my hotspot all the time. Rooting the phone is really simple and all you have to do is edit a file and the hotspot feature works flawlessly.

Shouldn't even have to root for that. I use a bone stock Nexus 5 (non-rooted, haven't unlocked the bootloader) and hotspot has always just been an option. Since Android 5.0 it's even just been in my pull down menu.

You need JB for this.

That's incredibly disappointing. I guess when I switch to Ting I could just grab a 4G mobile hotspot, it's only $6 a month to keep it activated at all times, then it would just add data usage to my plan whenever I use it. I've found having the option right in Android extremely convenient while I've been using the Nexus 5.

I tend to root my phones and with the Nexus 6 you edit the build.prop file and add the line "net.tethering.noprovisioning=true" save, reboot and then tether all you want. Otherwise, it will say that you need a tethering plan to use it. I'm on Marshmallow now but it worked exactly the same on Lollipop.

That's weird, my Nexus 5 was able to to tethering right out of the box, no root or anything. Did you happen to purchase through a cell carrier instead of directly from the Google Play store?

This is to get around having to pay monthly to tether. I only need tethering periodically and I'm not paying $20 extra to use the data I already pay for. If you don't put that line of code then Verizon will high jack your browser until you give them money.

Oh, alright. I use pretty relaxed mobile carriers, they don't care, so they don't do anything like that.