Does Intel Z170 Chipset support SATA Port Multipliers?

I am looking to build Arch Linux NAS / windows gaming VM with 10 drive Lian li case as per the NAS build video. I contacted Gigabyte support and was told GA-Z170N-WIFI does not support port multipliers but I was told the same by Asrock support about an AMD FM2 X88 motherboard and that was false as I have it working with a port multiplier.

Anyone have better google-fu than me or tried using a port multiplier with Z170 board?

It's possible. The manufacture has to allow/build for it though (I think it's something related to the controller.)

I saw that review before but I wasn't sure if they weren't talking about some sort of internal or theoretical multiplication since I haven't found any specs mentioning that it was supported in the z170 chipset.

Yeah, I couldn't find any info, only one way to find out!