Does installation order effect proper use? (OS updates/drivers)

Haven't been able to play since December without horrible stuttering

Current system:

[email protected], 7970ge, 8gb [email protected], 120ssd/2tb hdd, 850w gold psu

-I've switched out each part (CPU/MB/GPU/PSU/RAM/HDD)

-just tried using a gtx 650 with the same issue

-old/new/beta drivers all same

-sold old 8350 on eBay, buyer left good feedback

-new is installation makes no difference

Only thing I haven't played attention to is the order of driver and updates

No, drivers are usually designed to not interfere with other drivers so they don't usually interact in such a way that installation hierarchy would be necessary

I remember frequently hearing the suggestion to always install motherboard drivers before other drivers, before other software back in the nineties...

Not sure that still applies to anything, but why not...

You are saying you've switched every part around, including the motherboard. I take it you reinstalled the OS?

And thinking of stuttering... I experienced a godawful Logitech revolution mouse once. The whole line was later recalled. It would stutter the whole PC whenever you'd move the cursor... You're not using one of those, are you?

I've got a logitech g500 I had the computer for months working great and got the mouse and it was still great then

Are chip set drivers really important? Also when I get them from the Asus website it like 900mb and it opens a command line looking window then goes away and opens the catalyst manager. I have a gtx 650 in at the moment since I was trying that out (though no different)