Does Haswell E support PCI E pass through?

Not too long ago I watched the TekLinux video on PCI E passthrough for Skylake. In the video Wendell mentioned Haswell doesn't support that type of virtualization. Looking in my bios settings I have Enable Virtualization for the cpu, and Intel Virtual directed I/O. I don't have directed I/O enabled.

Do I have all of the needed features on the hardware side to virtualize Windows with full hardware pass through? Could this cause issues with figuring out GPU and CPU overclocks with overclocking and stability software in windows? (So far, I've found the windows software for this to be a bit nicer) I just want to make sure it's safe to format my windows partitiion, and make a virtualized install with a disc image.

Should, just gotta look at the virtualization instructions it supports

I have and will be running PCIe passthrough on a 5820k. You will have to enable IOMMU as a boot option. VT-d and VT-x enabled on you mother board. The rest depends on what GPUs you have.

What mobo do you have btw.

I have a Rampage V Extreme. I'm starting to get tired of having to reboot, whenever I need to use Windows software for work.