Does EA Origin use P2P?

A buddy of mine has been trying to download Battlefront and it kept cancelling out after about 5/MB down. He tried downloading another small game from origin and it worked just fine. He is using his University internet so I am assuming they were blocking something that was happening. So I gave him access to my VPN and everything has been running like a champ... But in the midst of the download he has also sent about 1.25GB of info out from his connection. He started the download and went to class so he was not doing any work on his system. So really the best thing I could think was that Origin has some P2P built in, these are two seemingly credible sources I found talking about:

They basically ignore the question about P2P

Not sure how much merit to put on this. Has anyone else seen this before?

Edit: I think he is either close or done with the download here are the final numbers

Down: 28.19GB
Up 1.33GB
Time: 5:19:18