Does cuda core make that much of a big diffrence in video rendering

hi im building my frend a pc for video rendering and im looking at a gtx 660 and a gtx 660ti the difrence between the two ia that the gtx660 has 920 cuda core and the gtx 660ti has 1344 so will it make a a big diffrence in video rendering and also what spec i should go whit for them so far i plan for them a amd fx 6300 and 8GB of ram there buget is 700 max mabie 760 if it rely make a diffrence

I say going with the 660ti will make a difference if they are using any of the Adobe Suite Programs for their rendered as that is the only video suite I know of that uses cuda effectively.  As for the CPU, I remember a video where Logan talked about render times for the AMD FX chips and Intel i# chips.  He may have talked about it briefly or shown results, I do not remember.


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ok thank it because im my main language is french

Oh, nevermind then.  The spelling is better than half the people I deal with in college.

I use CUDA for rendering in After Effects and Premiere Pro and the rendering performance really does take a huge leap.  The lighting rays/vectors things in After Effects are all run off the GPU if I understand correctly.