Does anyone use Web of Trust? (WOT)

It seems like a pretty cool idea my understanding is that it's like a Yelp for websites. Does anyone like or dislike it? Is it even useful for advanced techie stuff? (anything that isn't shopping or some kind of social media) I would just download and try it but I wanted to ask people first.

Maybe there is a better extension or program I could be wasting my time with. I mainly want it or something like it for when i'm on sites that don't normally get a whole lot of traffic. I know you can do homework on a site in other ways but I find it could be useful for finding opinions or information that isn't shoved in your face. Thanks for your time.

It's a cool idea but I don't trust it. Centralized certificate authorities are better in my opinion.

Yeah, I'm not looking for a one stop shop for web security but it (or something similar) can be helpful.

To me it's one of those things that would work great on paper but wouldn't work in practice.

WOT is fine if your the type of person who only vists popular websites every day. i.e.:Wikipedia,Facebook,etc.

but for a web savy person who visits more obscure sites. it's web filter is just an annoyance.

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Oic ty. That is the exacty the opposite of what I want it for.