Does anyone mind completing a quick survey on PC case design?

Hi there,

I'm currently a design student and for my current project I am working on designing a range of PC cases, in the link to the survey there will be some pictures of my early concept renders and would appreciate some feedback.

> Survey is here <

The survey will take around five minutes, ten if you want to write some detailed comments. There are eight questions, four multiple choice check-box questions and four comment questions, two per design.

If you do participate in the survey, please keep in mind that the design are in development and the measurements may not be quite accurate yet.


[EDIT] Thanks for all the feedback everyone who participated, got a good 45 surveys completed (even though the link was clicked 33 time). If your stumbling across this thread now, you can still do the survey but I won't be needing it any more

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Just finished it

Just finished it too, good luck with you're course and I hope it helped

Done! Good luck with it

What software are you using to model these?

nice work on the cases most are very pleasing to look at but have a few issues with cooling for me. overall great design work

Hi Ikagara, I'm using Solidworks 2015 with Photoview 360 to do the renders.

Yeah, cooling seem to be the most commented issue, I've tried to take some inspiration from other devices such as the Asus ROG GR8 in terms of their design but cooling has been one of the hardest things to figure out, especially on the final design.

done and if you have any prototype of these cases you can send any to me if you want i would love to have a look and give some feedback ;)

I think the main problem for me was weird IO placement. Most people stick their PCs on the floor and with the first two cases, it'd be super far down to reach. Plus, on some of the other cases, the IO was side biased - limiting compatibility with some people's setups.

Oh yeah, and glossy plastic. Never use glossy plastic. Ever.

Completed! :)

Just did the survey.

This old thread of mine might be of use to you.



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