Does anyone make palmtop computers anymore?

I was playing my 3ds xl on a table when i thought "this would be a nice size for a small computer", does anyone even make palmtop computers anymore though?

Yeah, they're called smartphones. haha

Seriously, though, no one makes them anymore. They died out. Replaced by smaller and larger, more convenient devices. Kind of like what's happening to the tablet market right now.


the closest smartphone to a palmtop is that new blackberry one with a keyboard

I suppose the next best thing to do would be a RaspberryPi with a case designed around a tiny media keyboard.

Funny you say that, actually. My second cousin, who worked for DHL on the business side, was given a Blackberry to replace a Palm device. This was back in about 2006.

DragonBox Pyra

You're Welcome.

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