Does anyone know what this is?

My friend is needing a psu upgrade and i have no idea what this connector is... can anyone link me a power supply that would work with this connection?

What Motherboard is that?
What kind of system? HP? Dell? Sony?

Its a P8 or p9 Motherboard connector.

You might have to just upgrade your computer, never even seen that connector, ever. Good luck is all I can say.

If you know what the pins going to the board are doing you could probably graft that connector to a new PSU. Not for someone without decent knowledge of how it works though.

Its an HP...

hp is pretty broad, can you give us a model number or more information?

The PSU connector shown is a proprietary connector only used by the OEM.

If you can snag a model number off the motherboard we might be able to snag a PDF manual on line and maybe see what that sucker is.

Its pretty much impossible to determine by picture and manufacture alone.

You could measure the voltages with a multimeter and splice it into the new PSU. It looks like some sort of Molex. Yeah the model number would be nice. You could just find an online manual then.

here is the link to the tiger direct where he bought it from.
looked through the manual pdf... nothing but random instructions

if you could provide more info about the board would be handy.
model name of the mobo, or model name of the server.

You may be out of luck. A quick google shows a very non standard power connector with the mother board lacking any 24 pin connector making it hard to replace the supply with out extensive moding.

why do oems have to do this?

Hey based on the link you posted, I found this thread, and the person had an image of the power supply for that PC. Does your power supply look like that too? (making sure)

I don't know about it, but some one mentioned there that the HP computers have some proprietary designs and connections, so they are limited about upgrades.

Will let you know if I find something helpful.