Does anyone know what speakers these are?

I found these speakers at my shop and they look pretty nice, they have a metal base but rest of the body is mostly plastic. I was wondering if these are each independent speakers or if they need some kind of hub to hook them into, if they are independent how would i hook them up to my computer? Sound Card? They have no model or S/N on them so i cant look that up. I appreciate any help Thank you :)

That was hilariously easy to find.


They are missing the subwoofer. They would hook up to the subwoofer, and the sub would then have the standard 3.5mm cables to plug into your sound card.

Bose doesn't make good stuff. They make relatively expensive stuff that 'sounds good' to the inexperienced listener.

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They basically attempt to replicate line-array systems on a small scale and try to pass it off as brilliant engineering voodoo. They are the Apple of speaker.

Thank you, now i know what to look for when getting the sub woofer.

I got these for free so its fairly inexpensive at the moment lol. The only thing im missing is the sub so if that's maybe under $100 bucks then i think i might have gotten a decent deal for some desk speakers. :)