Does anyone know what happened to pearOS?

Apparently they've fallen off the face of the earth. The dev behind pearOS said that they were acquired, but that was like two or three months ago, and they haven't been heard of since.

Any info?

I wish I knew, I have been watching and occasionally using the distro since 2011

I ate it ;) haha no I ate apple, it was not a nice apple so I threw it through some windows ;) (Sounded funnier in my head)

A statement I found - “Pear OS is no longer available for download.” he wrote. “Its future is now in hands of a company who wants to remain anonymous for the moment. The concept has pleased them it and now wants to continue and improve the system for their own products. I can not give a name but it is a very large company well known…”


From this site

I saw something that referenced this. It's been a few months since he posted that though. And there're a ton of rumours that apple picked them up so they could kill the project. I should have taken this off my laptop. :(

Logan ate it.. he said it was pearfict 

how is this possible, wasnt it under the GNU license?

Good for fucking logan. He has failed me for the last time, admiral.

I think you're right look at this: