Does anyone know of any good steam winter sale deals? 2016

Oh also tales of a space janitor and coties skylines are on sale. Do it!

Any paradox game. 500+ hours in hearts of iron 4 so far. Stellaris is pretty cool, too. I plan on buying it with the summer sale.

Is that viscera cleanup detail? Cause I want that game...

No its just a really interesting thing. You're a Janitor on a spaceport and you knida have to deal with that. You can go and try to have adventures but you're not the hero of the world, you're just a background character. Thats all the game tries to show and as a plot device it doesn't sound fun. Its more a design thing than anything else.

Oh yeah, I remember I have heard about this thing some couple years ago... And then completely forgot about it... It's a pacing thing... Repetitive menial job in-between the adventures... It sounded, for a lack of better word, interesting...

PS: We are talking about this thing...


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I know the steam sale is over but I would recommend:-

If I could only pick 5 games on steam:-

  • ETS2 + Going east (GOLD) for USD$2-USD$8 (Supports Linux/Win)
  • Insurgency for USD$2-USD$8 (Supports Linux/Win)
  • City Skylines (Supports Linux/Win)
  • Alien Swarm (win only) free top down mp shooter
  • Doom 1 or UT99
  • Company of heroes 1 RTS

I think Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is better than Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1, but we can agree it's orders of magnitude better than Ultimate Tenkaichi, that game was garbage.