Does anyone know of any good steam winter sale deals? 2016

Did you find any good deals or hidden gems in the steam winter sale this year, please share it here. :)

Here is the weird one. There came an Echo...
You need a microphone, and you can easily play the game only with voice commands. Menus reacts to voice commands, the game is based around you commanding a squad of people, so voice commands are appropriate...

And i almost forgot the obligatory "Buy dark souls" post of mine...

Seriously. Get Dark Souls.


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If you liked the old SimCity games before Maxis effed them up completely :

Native support for Linux. Personally I'd suggest buying the full pack.
Or buy the base game now and the expansions on the next sale.

Native support for Linux


I know it's not a game but it's game related and if you already have a controller I think it's a pretty good purchase.

DON'T buy just Prison Architect... it's more expensive that way... get this instead:

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Oh, i didn't know that...
I already own PA, but that is really nice advice :)

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Grid is free on humble bundle!
Expired now

Although, it's cheaper on G2A by about ~$5 USD.

Don't buy from G2A... So many people have already claimed, that they sell stolen keys and do some shady stuff to obtain their copies and they don't do anything to disprove the accusations.
Don't buy from G2A...

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Looks like all the Ys games are $5 or so right now, that's pretty good.

The price of the two remasters is the same as the pack, containing the 2 remasters and the soundtrack... So get the pack... 10$ for both games... If i didn't had 194652846 other games to buy i would have gotten this one...

GTA V is 50% off

Watch Dogs 2 is 33% off

I bought CrossCode a couple months ago. As far as retro-RPG inspired games go, it's spectacular. Graphics are just right, soundtrack is good, controls flow well, variety of game mechanics, and it's even Linux compatible.

$4.24 Canadian ... a steal.

$1.09 Canadian ... MPer only game but you get Steam trading cards so you can make some money back selling them. In regards to why I recommend this game it is because to me the people behind this game and some others on Steam try hard to put out good games and continue to work on them well after they have been out.

All for $5.27 Canadian .... classics that you get for less than $1.06 Canadian each.

A strange game for sure and was given an award by Jim Sterling as one of his GOTY titles.

Less than $1 and yeah you can get it for cheaper at times but it is worth more than what it has been sold at. It is an old Xbox 360 Indie title that I never played somehow. Now does it look amazing? No. What is awesome about it is the cheese factor and the utter chaos in the game. I mean c'mon man how can you not like a game that has a pig boss that hurts you by puking and pooping everywhere?

An extremely highly rated game that at less than $3 is a steal. Note: You need a controller to play it.

Two graphically improved versions of some amazing games for just $6.59 Canadian? A steal.

$1.64 Canadian for this? LOL! Yet another great deal.

$5.49 ... includes the season pass and whatever.

Eh not much of a game but good enough when you get a really nice looking game. A great graphical / visual experience. A good game to play when you need a nice casual experience.

One of the greatest games I have ever played. It is worth much more than the under $3 Canadian price it is at now. Great atmosphere and fun puzzles ... 11/10!

An all-time great runner. In fact an all-time great game in my opinion. Now I can only recommend the original game as that is all I have really put time into but for not much more money you can get more BIT.TRIP RUNNER action.

Not Steam, but Battlefront is $9.99 on Origin.

I picked up Life Is Strange for 5 bucks as well as doom and tomb raider. spend only like 30 bucks for all three

Life is strange is sort of like heavy rain but with fewer plot holes. pick a high school drama movie and throw in time travel.
just beat it last night and it was pretty good. worth checking out for five bucks for the entire thing.

Edit: since this game can practically run on a toaster, supersampling this game at max settings from 4k to 1080 makes it look incredible. would reccomend.

Shadowrun Games, Buy them, First one's a bit janky at times though

Xenoverse 1 is a better Value over 2 if you want to make a Saiyan Waifu

Party Hard is a puzzle game of sorts, pretty short at 3 hours, but fun none the less

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Bought it back in May for $5 on GOG and DS1 was automatically upgraded to the Warmastered Ed. when it released not too long ago.

I played this back on the 360, it's a fun game