Does anyone know of a windows XP ISO download?

My grandparents got a new computer running Windows XP. It's gotten old Athlon processor and two gigs of RAM. It should be decently fast but is not, it's full of viruses and malware. Not to mention the 40 gig hard drive is almost completely full of downloads and stupid programs to the old owner the computer put on it. So I need to know if anyone has a link to a windows XP ISO download. I don't care what version it is, as long as I could get the computer with a fresh install of windows. Thank you to anyone who could come up with something. :) (ps To all who may be concerned. I have a legal copy of Windows XP, I just lost the disk)

What version?

Dosint matter. Preferably home.

There are many places online to download Windows XP but none that I've found are legal sources. Windows XP is not distributed online so there is no legitimate way to download Windows XP, even from Microsoft.

I suppose, technically speaking, you can "pirate" the actual ISO, but as long as you have a valid product key, the install should be considered legal.

Alternatively, use Linux. I prefer Linux Mint 13, which will be supported until April 2017. If have a GPU that supports OpenGL, get Cinnamon, otherwise get MATE, or Xfce.

Im considering that, but they may have some troubble learning the new OS. There a bolth almost 80 after all. Lol

Well, I volunteer at a non-profit run by elderly volunteers and after a quick tutorial (mainly comprised of showing them the "start" menu and LibreOffice), they haven't had any issues. In many regards, it's easier to use than Windows.

Lol i know, trust me i do. But there old... there just not in the mood to do it. I would love to maybe even upgrade to a 32-bit version of windows 7, but even that would make them un-happy.