Does anyone know a linux driver for Intel Dual Band Wireless - AC 8260

I've been trying for days to get UbuntuGnome to recognize my WiFi card, and over and over again it fails.

Am I dumb, or is it just another linux shortcoming? (don't crucify me, i love linux, but I do recognize that their are issues)

Just for context, I'm running a Lenovo Y700 ideapad 15ISK

i7 skylake
NVidia GTX 960M 4GB GDDR5
Intel Dual Band Wireless - AC 8260
(added for posterity's sake)

Just about every other distro that i've tried has failed....

"HELP ME OBI-WAN, YOU'RE MY ONLY HOPE!" ~ some chick, from some insignificant movie that you've probably never heard of.

Intel drivers are open source and in the kernel. The laptop is fairly new. What kernel are you on? You may want to upgrade that.