Does anyone get else get pity messages from Twitch about how they have missed you?

I find it quite interesting, because if I could respond, I would say - well stop spamming me with intrusive adverts then.

It used to be you could subscribe and be advert free to whomever you wanted to watch, which invited you to spread your wings and watch other people - but you changed that - so now I am only advert free to the person to whom I subscribed.

So I never visit the site anymore, because I don’t really enjoy watching something interrupted by adverts every couple of minutes - it is irritating, it isn’t subtle, it isn’t at the side, it is in your face, and disrupts the viewing - so why would I want to sit through that?

At best, I might go to the site to view one person to whom I subscribed, but realistically, once you only go to a site for one thing - then eventually you just stop going to that site entirely.


Huh, papa bezos missing the pandemic levels of money? With this gem, and the other thread about Amazon up-selling prime…

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i get these from a few sites.
they are all sites iv’e signed up to, and other than try hack me, the others seem to stop after the second reminder.

occasionally i will click on em so they kind of work as advertising.

the only time i really object to advertising mail is when i have entered a secondary email as verification or authentication.
only to find it also gets added to the marketing list.

virgin media and curry’s both guilty of this.

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They were the absolute worse for raising prices for me, and constantly trying to upset services; But I never had sky, and presume they do the same?

I don’t mind nearly as much when I actually use a company. It’s annoying when a company sells the info on, but that seems to happen less.
Cold calls pretty much stopped too…

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Interesting trick I saw on a video one time, if you use Google mail, you can preface it:

[email protected] . com = will still come to you, and is a valid email - but you will know from whence it came and you can filter it to the spam folder.

I have yet to try it as I have not signed up to anything for ages, but it looks interesting…

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