Does anyone else patrol Steam constantly?

I have noticed recently that I spend way too much time just in steam searching for deals.


I do this atleast once a day, and I have expanded my library of games three fold in just a few days. I just bought simcity 4 for five dollars, and yesterday I bought the Rockstar Hits collection that was 30$ for GTAIV, Episodes from liberty city, LA Noire, and Max Payne 3.


I feel like Steam is turning me into a cheap bastard whose ass is glued to his office chair playing almost stolen games. Anyone else have this feeling? 

Those steam sales have amazing results for the game devs

why is max payne 3 27 gb =/

don't forget to check out r/gamedeals for some even better deals. That subreddit collectively monitors the internet for any worthwile deals, and posts them damn near immediately. I get some pretty amazing stuff there, particular amazon stuff actually. Most of it are steam keys, unless it's an EA of course.

I watch steam like a fly to honey.

I look at the deals about 5-6 times a day. Mostly due to being paranoid and making sure I didn't miss something in the first 2-3 times I checked it.



I do. And to add to the sites that collect game deals around the interwebs, is a pretty good site and they have giveaways from time to time