Does anybody know if i can watch NFL playoff games with Hulu?

Just as the title says. My dad is trying to get rid of Directv but we really want to be able to watch the playoff games. Any help is appreciated.

You can ditch Direct TV; the playoff games are all broadcast on the major OTA (NBC/FOX/ABC/CBS) networks; I doubt they are on hulu. Prime had a deal with NFL network this season in which Prime carried some of the Thursday night games.

You should be able to with the Hulu+Live TV package but it starts $45/month. It has all the local channels plus ESPN’s and Fox Sports channels.

I would imaging sling TV would work it’s $25 a month for the 1/2 package that’s what I moved to

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Sling Orange/Blue with the sports package and OTA should be close to all games.

May have to live with redzone for Sunday football though.

Think Sunday ticket is available on Playstion would have to check that.

NFL is expensive.

honestly if you just care about your home team OTA should give you probably all of the games, only sport to be like that tho it seems like

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All the other sports have easy streaming options, though.

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that you might need a vpn to beat local blackouts