Does anybody know how to get in touch with EA

First off I hope this is in the right section as I did not find one that was more suitable.

So I need to email EA does anybody know their support email? I Forgot my password and email that are linked to my origin account, but i do know what my name was and I know what some of the CD keys for the games linked to my account.

I have searched and searched EA's website but to no avail. I cannot find any way to contact them, all you get are how to troubleshoot specific problems but not a way to truly contact them. 

All I want to do is play Mass Effect, am I SOL??

Thanks for your time,

MV Bright

EA has horrible customer support IMO.. If I were you, since you just wanted to play Mass Effect, get it on Steam. Just re-buy it. Trying to contact EA is like playing the lottery, its probably not going to happen.

I would but I have the trilogy and that would be the 3rd time I bought it. Once for Xbox before I switched to pc gaming  and then I re-bought it for PC. I hate EA to. Mass effect is the only ea game I will buy new.

Thanks for the quick reply but i have already been up and down all of those. I might just have to re buy my mass effect trilogy when i have the spare cash. I just don't want to give EA more money.

Goodluck trying to contact them. Especially in their support forums. One topic has over 150 pages on complaints about BF4 not working. They answered once. Their answer? Reinstall Windows. 

I had a similar problem, after several hours of searching I was able to start a call to their help desk and was put on hold for hours before I gave up.

EA was ranked one of the worst companies for a reason.

Thanks for the help guys. Coming hear was worth a shot. Looks like i'm SOL. I'm very aware that EA is a horrible company and that why I cringe at giving them more money, at the same time i'm not a thief (unless its in game like the thieves guild in the elder scroll games) and refuse to steal, even from EA.

Even if you get through to support, they don't understand anything

Try this before you re-buy anything:

Good luck. If you want to get a hold of someone at EA customer service you are going to have to sit on your hands for a week or two till their shoddy answering service finally generates a hit to your request.

>implying that piracy is stealing

You are a horrible person.

Anyway, call their support phone.