Does a powered thunderbolt 3 dock/adapter exist that supports DP 1.4 + [email protected]?

I have a custom PC for play and a work-issued fully spec`d out 2019 MBP for …work. Ideally I would like to easily switch back and forth between them. Luckily, I just received the new L1 KVM in the mail! Unfortunately, driving my [email protected] monitor at full native res/speed from the MBP through the KVM with my passive DP → Thunderbolt 3 adapter does not work (flickering + artifacts). Using the DP → Thunderbolt 3 adapter without the KVM does work and I can run it with the KVM @ 60hz if I use my powered thunderbolt 3 dock.

I am but a baby when it comes to understanding the intricacies of DP 1.4 and Thunderbolt 3 but Level1 is one step ahead of me and has this useful note at the bottom of the page:

Note for Mac and USBc Users: USBc can be problematic, especially the low voltage variant. I recommend either the Anker USBc to DP adapter, the USBc Level1Techs KVM as an “input adapter” for this one (because the Level1Techs USBc KVM has a DP out for the USBc+DP inputs), or the Level1Techs DP Repeater, which is really pretty awesome in its own right.

I don’t believe any of the options listed here support 120hz at my resolution, but if can find a powered DP → Thunderbolt 3 adapter/dock would it be possible to solve the low voltage issue and achieve 120hz nirvana? *


The Gear

  • PC
  • 2019 MBP
  • Samsung CRG9 (5120x1440 @ 120hz)
  • L1T single monitor DP 1.4 KVM
  • Passive Cable Matters USB C → DP 1.4 adapter w/ [email protected]
  • Powered Belkin Thunderbolt 3 dock w/ [email protected]

The Goal

KVM switching between MBP and PC using a 5120x1440 monitor @ 120hz.


  • PC @ 120hz
  • PC + KVM @ 120hz
  • MBP + passive DP->Thunderbolt 3 adapter @ 120hz
  • MBP + KVM + powered thunderbolt 3 dock @ 60hz

Not Working

  • MBP + KVM + passive DP->Thunderbolt 3 adapter @ 120hz

* The closest thing I have found so far is this guy that explicitly states in the specs that mac is not supported:

Cable Matters 4K Triple Display USB C Hub with 2X DisplayPort, HDMI, and 100W Charging for Windows and Linux

if you find one, let me know

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Did you find one that works with TB3? I need a dock that supports proper DP1.4 and TB3, but I don’t see many options. Is the CalDigit Element Hub an option?

Does the monitor itself support USB-C / Thunderbolt?

I test docks for amazon and I am pretty sure I have seen / do have a dock that could do exactly this. However expect to pay $300-500.

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