Does a Phanteks PH-TC14PE fit inside of a Corsair C70 ( Going to do heavy overclocking )

Hello guys, 

I would like to ask you guys if anyone had a Phanteks PH-TC14PE inside of a corsair C70. I'm afraid it won't fit because it is too big. I'll use this for heavy overclocking so I made sure to get a 750W PSU. I'll be doing it on an FX8350 and the Asus Sabertooth R2.0 

I know my ram will fit underneath it as I've seen a picture of it with this massive cooler mounted.

Any help in regards to the PH-TC14PE and Corsair C70 are greatly apreaciated!

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yes its tight but it should fit, saw couple of building pics with this case/cooler combination.

by the way, you could also look at a Noctua NH-D14 also a great cooler.

I'm not picking the D14, I'm going to replace the window and put red leds in and red Cooler Master JetFlo 120's, going with the black C70. The D14 doesn't look good in coloring imo. The PH14 has slightly more performance and looks better :P

I might put 120mm fans because of the clearance. Any ideas which are the best for heatsinks?

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you wouldn't need a 750w PSU unless your are crossfiring 2 7970/280xs.

what is important to overclocking is the QUALITY of the power delivery and not the QUANTITY of the power, that means good clean power from the power supply and quality VRMs on the mobo 

anandtech reports a max heatsink height of 170mm

that heatsink is 171mm tall with fans that can be adjusted to be a bit lower without fans its 160mm but you just need to lower the fans by 1mm


TL:DR yes

My ram is 30mm high so would it fit underneath and if it fits, how much space is left between?

this says it will, probably

Oh dude, I love you. I found this in the forums there: "No clearance problems if your have low profile RAM.

PH-TC14PE fits in Fractal Design R2 using Crucial Ballistix Sport RAM. I lowered the fans down a little on radiator...

Crucial Ballistix Sport RAM is 30mm tall."

My Kingston HyperX Blu is also 30mm tall. 

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like i said its tight but it will fit ☺

Yeah :P Just finished my shopping cart. I'm propably going to order the parts this weekend.

thats cool show some pics wenn finnish building :D