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Does a GPU heat a M.2 drive?

OK, on a X570 Arous Master motherboard ( it has 3 slots ) does placing the M.2 drive in the slot above the GPU suffer from the heat from the GPU ( 2080 ti ) ?

I have 3 fans on the floor of the case as well as 3 fans on the side ( Lian-li 011 Dynamic ) and was thinking put the 2 M.2 drives in the bottom 2 slots will mean planty of fresh air but the top M.2 slot is CPU and the other 2 chipset ( watching the levelone video on the Aorus Master X570 ) . Will I notice any signifigant difference in speed by using the bottom 2 slots?

Depends on your Mobo but not every slot is a x16. You should check that before moving your card.

The short answer is no. The m.2 likely runs hotter than the GPU most of the time and the GPU is providing airflow to that area. It’s nothing to worry about.


If there are more than 4-5mm of air then no.
As was mentioned already - air isolates and the transfer depends on difference. With the crazy amount of fans you have - you need to move towards spreading the heat, not spreading devices apart :slight_smile:

Good motherboards also have shields that double as heat-spreaders. This works really well as the amount of heat from m.2 is not that high, just the temperature is.

Regarding the OP question: For most SSDs it will make 0 difference.
For faster SSDs you will see difference - provided there are problems with BIOS/Chipset/Additional devices.

For the difference to be very noticeable - you need drives with high amount of memory chips for dynamic SLC and large DRAM cache. Those are often so expensive that you would not be asking about desktop HW.

He is talking about moving the SSD. not the GPU.