Document Scanner / A4 automatic feed

Hey there,
I’m in the market for a document scanner. I have a bunch of folders with stuff I semi-care about. The plan is to scan it in and throw the originals away.

I’m looking for a scanner that can do

  • A4
    -DADF (Automatic Document Feed)
  • Costs less than 200€

I would like DADF but I can do without it.

I’ve had a look at Scanner / Printer combinations. I already have a monochrome laser printer from Brother that works just fine (every Quarter when I turn it on) so I’m not quite looking for one of the bulky scanner / printer combination units.

Is there any hot tip for used business machines or something?

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Does it have to be a scanner? Maybe you can go full ghetto and get a large transparent glass to flatten the paper, mount your smartphone to something steady nearby to remove motion blur then do your “scanning” during day time.

I mean there are lockdown everywhere and I’m not certain you can get a new scanner now.

You said its only semi-important…

Like so?


I have tried the smartphone apps. They are okay for like ten sheets of paper. I’m more planning on filling the tray with the maximum of sheets (like 25-50) and then letting the scanner do it’s thing.

With semi-important I meant the documents themselves. Something like: old university documents, old school papers that sort of stuff.

Regarding availability due to pandemic: The scanner category of the local aggregator site geizhals lists nearly every scanner model as available.

Don’t dismiss the all-in-one’s. My father was very happy years ago with a relatively cheap inkjet: Brother MFC-490CW. The networking was always wonky, so he connected by wire; the inkjet printer was about as good as a cheap inkjet printer always is ( :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ), but the scanner had sheet feeder. He was retired, and was on his condo’s board when he bought this, and found the scanner (including sheet feed) was quite good for the kind of documents he was scanning. It was US Letter primarily, but would do A4 and up to US Legal in length. Look for particular reviews – I have found that the software makes or breaks the scanning experience at the lower price points. Software which does true 1-bit black-and-white well means fast scanning, and very small filesize. Often the software is so badly optimized that a greyscale scan ends up larger filesize and lower quality than a color scan of the same document at same resolution and with same file format parameters (like png or jpg compression level)

A used Brother MFC, that could make sense. I guess I’ll have to save a search to ebay for that.

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